Monday, March 23, 2009

toilet time

today was the first day of shooting for the film i'm working on for the London International Animation Festival/PooP productions competition in may. I think there'll be three days of shooting, as today took one day and there are 3 shots (there are only 2 cuts in the whole film) - the 'narrative' is following a line around a toilet drawing images and telling little bits of information about how we in the western world have the ability to wash our hands, but 10% of us choose not to after going to the toilet. I'll post up some production photos and the development drawings as soon as I get them together - took a few today.

we're having problems with the light, as working in a toilet that is lit by both natural light and indoor lights is proving annoying - there's a huge amount of flicker in the images, but once i've edited it together i'll try and get rid of some of that. according to my production schedule i'm slightly with a bird in hand at the moment, so i'll try and keep the pace up!

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