Saturday, March 28, 2009

Production Photos

So here, at long last, are some of the few production photos from on the set of the Toilet project, currently under the working title "For Your Convenience". quality's a little low on some, but it was just to document the extreme lengths i will go to to avoid doing walk cycles.

Getting down and dirty. there were pubes inches from my head. not mine.

Performing some intricate surgery on sinkhands

Director of Photography Mr Jono Burgess hard at work

just checking my DP is doing his job correctly

I do have to thank mr burgess once again for his unflinching willingness to sit down and press a button all day, but it was certainly made easier with him there.

with this project supposedly being a window to test some ideas for my grad film, i'm not sure where this will lead me...but something certainly feels like it's brewing.


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