Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Three of Shoot Over

So yesterday was the third day of shooting the Toilet film that I haven't come up with a decent title for yet. We started later than on days one and two, but that worked for us as myself and my 'director of photography' (jono sat staring at a laptop) were both getting a bit tired with early starts and standing/sitting around all day.

The shoot went well, as it did on day 2...there were some light issues as I wanted to use natural light alongside the toilets actual lights as much as possible, and not use artificial studio lights - i felt this would make it slightly more realistic, albeit at the cost of a bit of flicker. I enjoy the 'purist' side of that, in the sense that I'm not actually using artificial things, it feels more...rough, but it the right way. Donald Holwill pointed out that if that's my view, that's a sacrifice i'll have to make, and I think it's ok really.

I edited some of the footage together very briefly from day one and did a quick test with some digital footage here it is.

As I say this is very rough in terms of editing and digital work, but i've turned down some of the flicker and adjusted the white balance on a couple of images. Also, I might add, with music over it, it completely changes the the moment I'm thinking of using 'I surrendaa' by Mozambique-based band Empty Boat, one of the two rights-managed albums we were given as part of entry to the LIAF competition.

Will keep updating with production photos and other bits and bobs as soon as I get them sorted.

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