Friday, February 6, 2009

novelty sandwich X2000 time

Finally, comes my sketch of the week - a sketch of the restaurant/sandwich bar my flatmate, his girlfriend and I will open when we're rich. Note the princess in the tower of the restaurant, the single chair in the garden and the room in the secret tunnel to watch films in.

This took an hour and a half of discussion.

transformation sandwiches

i just made this a separate post for my own benefit, just so you know...!

as well as college work I've been getting back into doing some title sequences, including some experiments for Simon Cartwright's film based on the concept of transformation. Unfortunately for me, the film doesn't exist yet, even in script form, so essentially I have to invent a film, not make the film but make the title sequence instead. In an odd way, it's turning out to be more fun...
One of Simon's conceptual influences is Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis" where, of course, a man wakes up one day and finds out he's a beetle. This has been my starting point, and i've been knocking up a few experiments based on that theme.
Personally I like the scratched-ink sketches the most, I think it achieves a better texture than you can gain on Adobe software alone - so I think i'm going to do more and cut them out, scan them in and work on them that way.

ancient mariner

been working on a project based on 'the rime of the ancient mariner' - it's pretty open and free, and i think i'll be doing the compositing and post-production on a lot of the animation in the year. Looks like my tutors DO listen after all. anyway, here are come ink-on-cell experiments.