Thursday, August 13, 2009

transition...for your convenience

for those who haven't had the chance yet, check out the new website and blog @, this will probably be the last post here.

For Your Convenience from mistercastro on Vimeo.

shortlisted for the 'poo' award, and to be screened at london international animation festival, here's For Your Convenience, directed by mistercastro

Friday, August 7, 2009


ok my lovelies, since i've updated my website and have been able to move my blog there, i will still be posting here but will be prioritising the blog on the site. so, please continue to keep checkin us out, and like i say i'll try to keep this one updated but the website allows me to keep track of my dissertation blog also....


go, my pretties, and update thine bookmarks.



long time no update's been absolutely ages since i updated. i have a whole bunch of new work done that i'm going to post....keep checking it out. also, this blog's now available on my new website at - it's still under construction and soon to be messed about with lots of doodles and graphics and whatnot, but it exists at least.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


so it's been a long time since i've posted, a thousand apologies saiib. been working very very hard, have finished For Your Convenience and am awaiting the judgement of the good people at London International Animation festival...we'll see. However, for now, to keep myself's an updated version of my showreel.

i love stock footage. (click HQ to watch in high quality)

for people that enjoy seeing a whole film and not having it cut off by blogspot...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

For Your Convenience roughy

at long last, i'm proud to present to you the full, if currently flawed, version of for your convenience. there's a lot of stuff that needs work on, namely bits of digital stuff that need sorting, and i'm trying my best to cope with the flicker but some of that is going to have to be put down to experience.

as i've been using my blog to document the rest of the development of the film, i thought i'd pop this in too, unfinished or no. be a good comparison for the final thing i think.,

i'm happy with it so far, looking forward to the final product....

without further ado...

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Black Isle Brewery's Heather Honey Beer

"This wonderful crisp larger is modeled after the very popular Blonde but heather honey is added giving it a mild honey aroma and finish."

The sketch is for the Channel 4/4Creative Internship - they asked me what I'd advertise and how I'd do it if I could do anything. An opportunity to tell the world about possibly the best beer in the world? Yes please.

Friday, April 3, 2009


i spent the beautiful sunny day in front of my computer making my creative CV. c'est la vie!

why dont you try it at home? its easy! just download, cut, fold, glue, and you'll have your very own dan castro CV! IN A CUBE!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

yay! more production photos

On set

Jono testing out the set, making sure everything's in order before filming

Shots from the film

ahoy hoy. just another production photo i meant to put up editing's going ok, hope to have another test rendered out soon to put up. am trying to remember to test every decision i have to make so that it covers all the bases in terms of coursework (have to remember the film is still going through ECA even if it's my project!), it just gets tiring,.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Doritos ad (2008)

this is WELL overdue, but this is the advert for the doritos competition in 2008. unfortunately due to some massive technical issues we missed the deadline (lesson learnt for the future). The main reason i'm posting this now actually is that doing this was the initial inspiration for the work i'm currently doing, including 'For Your Convenience' - drawing directly onto things makes such a big change from the usual types of animation, i think it could become something integral to the way I work (which is what my tutors said I was lacking - 'what makes a dan castro film?')

as usual, thanks to everyone that helped. copyright dan castro 2009 etc. etc.


Production Photos

So here, at long last, are some of the few production photos from on the set of the Toilet project, currently under the working title "For Your Convenience". quality's a little low on some, but it was just to document the extreme lengths i will go to to avoid doing walk cycles.

Getting down and dirty. there were pubes inches from my head. not mine.

Performing some intricate surgery on sinkhands

Director of Photography Mr Jono Burgess hard at work

just checking my DP is doing his job correctly

I do have to thank mr burgess once again for his unflinching willingness to sit down and press a button all day, but it was certainly made easier with him there.

with this project supposedly being a window to test some ideas for my grad film, i'm not sure where this will lead me...but something certainly feels like it's brewing.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Day Three of Shoot Over

So yesterday was the third day of shooting the Toilet film that I haven't come up with a decent title for yet. We started later than on days one and two, but that worked for us as myself and my 'director of photography' (jono sat staring at a laptop) were both getting a bit tired with early starts and standing/sitting around all day.

The shoot went well, as it did on day 2...there were some light issues as I wanted to use natural light alongside the toilets actual lights as much as possible, and not use artificial studio lights - i felt this would make it slightly more realistic, albeit at the cost of a bit of flicker. I enjoy the 'purist' side of that, in the sense that I'm not actually using artificial things, it feels more...rough, but it the right way. Donald Holwill pointed out that if that's my view, that's a sacrifice i'll have to make, and I think it's ok really.

I edited some of the footage together very briefly from day one and did a quick test with some digital footage here it is.

As I say this is very rough in terms of editing and digital work, but i've turned down some of the flicker and adjusted the white balance on a couple of images. Also, I might add, with music over it, it completely changes the the moment I'm thinking of using 'I surrendaa' by Mozambique-based band Empty Boat, one of the two rights-managed albums we were given as part of entry to the LIAF competition.

Will keep updating with production photos and other bits and bobs as soon as I get them sorted.

Monday, March 23, 2009

toilet time

today was the first day of shooting for the film i'm working on for the London International Animation Festival/PooP productions competition in may. I think there'll be three days of shooting, as today took one day and there are 3 shots (there are only 2 cuts in the whole film) - the 'narrative' is following a line around a toilet drawing images and telling little bits of information about how we in the western world have the ability to wash our hands, but 10% of us choose not to after going to the toilet. I'll post up some production photos and the development drawings as soon as I get them together - took a few today.

we're having problems with the light, as working in a toilet that is lit by both natural light and indoor lights is proving annoying - there's a huge amount of flicker in the images, but once i've edited it together i'll try and get rid of some of that. according to my production schedule i'm slightly with a bird in hand at the moment, so i'll try and keep the pace up!

Friday, February 6, 2009

novelty sandwich X2000 time

Finally, comes my sketch of the week - a sketch of the restaurant/sandwich bar my flatmate, his girlfriend and I will open when we're rich. Note the princess in the tower of the restaurant, the single chair in the garden and the room in the secret tunnel to watch films in.

This took an hour and a half of discussion.

transformation sandwiches

i just made this a separate post for my own benefit, just so you know...!

as well as college work I've been getting back into doing some title sequences, including some experiments for Simon Cartwright's film based on the concept of transformation. Unfortunately for me, the film doesn't exist yet, even in script form, so essentially I have to invent a film, not make the film but make the title sequence instead. In an odd way, it's turning out to be more fun...
One of Simon's conceptual influences is Kafka's 'The Metamorphosis" where, of course, a man wakes up one day and finds out he's a beetle. This has been my starting point, and i've been knocking up a few experiments based on that theme.
Personally I like the scratched-ink sketches the most, I think it achieves a better texture than you can gain on Adobe software alone - so I think i'm going to do more and cut them out, scan them in and work on them that way.

ancient mariner

been working on a project based on 'the rime of the ancient mariner' - it's pretty open and free, and i think i'll be doing the compositing and post-production on a lot of the animation in the year. Looks like my tutors DO listen after all. anyway, here are come ink-on-cell experiments.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pen and ink

i know there are a million and one of these alphabet-type books knocking around, i just wanted to decorate my new bedroom wall with some new stuff. I have enough room for 3 a3 pieces so I was going to do an A-B-C type thing - still needs some work though, as I'm not really happy about C and I don't even have a decent 'A' yet. I was just playing around with other letters though too, hence T for Tiger.

having been ill the last few days i found a blog with a whole collection of ronald searle's stuff - it's lovely, really quick free ink drawings. i think this is something you really have to get the hang of - i find it incredibly difficult to draw quickly but effectively in indian ink.