Sunday, November 23, 2008

To Santa, Love X

so it turns out "santa's first christmas" is actually not only a film, but an animated film as well, which is a pain. so the new working title is above - one of my friend's on the illustration course at ECA is going to do some pretty funky titles for me a think, only prospective ones at first but then if it all works out maybe 3D moulded titles, or something...i didn't really know what he was talking about but it sounded cool.
here's some of the more recent santa drawings, i've been working on the story kinda one "christmas card" at a time and all out of sequence, but i know what the overall story's going to be like.

This was one of the slightly more developed character sheets for the Dad character, who isn't happy with his son's present...

'"What's wrong with it?" Santa asked wearily. "It's the wrong colour" said the man, "he wanted blue". Santa wondered whether the kids who had nothing were this picky about colour.'

'Santa didn't really know what to do. "Go to bed" he grumbled. '

'And, to his complete surprise, she did.'

'Santa sat at home staring at the present the little girl had given him. He wondered why she bothered - noone else ever did.'

(-As usual, all work is copyright of Dan Castro 2008-)

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